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Accu-Care Swimming Pool Supplies is a leading distributor of swimming pool chemicals, accessories and supplies, located in Rhode Island. We value service and efficiency, and pro-actively serve our customers in New England and beyond by offering pool care products from the industry’s leading brands.

If you are a manufacturer or retailer in need of a reliable swimming pool supply distributor, call us today at (401) 438-7110.

4 x 1 gallon liquid chlorine.

5 gallon drums liquid chlorine.

Accu-Chem pool care and specialty chemicals.
Over 35 years experience in the swimming pool industry. All of our products are designed to fulfill the needs of retailers who are looking for products and packaging that is completely different.
For over 45 years, Trevi is the Canadian leader in the manufacture of above-ground pools. The Quebec company has always ensured to offer its customers products adhering to strict quality standards.

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